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Voluntary medical insurance program "Turbota 24/7(Care 24/7) - COVID 19-Foreigners" was developed on the basis of the Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 480 from 12.06.2020. " On amendments to some acts of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine " for the protection of foreign communities and individuals without citizenship during the period of pandemic of virus COVID 19 on the Ukrainian territory.
Benefits of the program "Turbota 24/7 - Covid19 - Foreigners"
Payment for hospital treatment (including intensive care unit) and observation
Coverage of the age group 50+
Guarantee of payment from the insurance company which operates in the market over 27 years
A maximum amount of insurance
Minimum insurance payment
Maximum term of validity of an agreement
The youngest age of the insured person

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Insurance covers
Inpatient treatment "pneumonia with treatment in ICU"
Inpatient treatment "pneumonia without treatment in ICU
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